Posted on: September 27th, 2017 in Al's Tech Talk

“A” is for Automatic – 811A and 815A


Die heads for most Steel Dragon Tools and RIDGID® power pipe threading machines will either be automatic or non-automatic. Automatic refers the die head’s ability to automatically oil the pipe during the pipe threading process. These die heads will have a through-head oiling system. Automatic die heads will also have an “A” designation in their name like 811A or 815A.


The die head will connect to the pipe threading machine’s oil reservoir, if the machine has one (Steel Dragon Tools and RIDGID® 300 Power Drives do not have an oil reservoir and require a separate, manually operated oiler – like the Steel Dragon Tools 418 Oiler).


A pump in the pipe threading machine will push pipe threading oil to the die head where it will be distributed over the pipe during the pipe threading process. The automatic-style die head is now used across the industry. Non-automatic 811 and 815 die heads are typically not sold as new but can be found used or reconditioned. Steel Dragon Tools buys and reconditions used and broken pipe threading machines and accessories, including RIDGID® 811, 811A, 815, and 815A die heads.


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