Posted on: September 20th, 2017 in Al's Tech Talk

811 vs 815 Die Head Debate

SDT-811A_01 A die head (or two) is a requirement for most industry-standard pipe threading machines. Using a Steel Dragon Tools 300, 300C, 7090-PRO, 7090i, 7090e, or a RIDGID® 300, 300A, 500A, 535, 535A, 800, 801, 802, or 1822 pipe threading machine will require a die head. Pipe threading professionals can choose between the 811- or the 815-style die head. (Most 811- and 815-style die heads are now being manufactured with automatic oiling operation, designated by the letter A — more on this next week.)


The main difference between the 811 and the 815 comes in operation. The 815 die head has a trigger mechanism that will automatically open the die head and stop the threading process once a certain number of threads have been cut. The 811 die head has a quick open lever that must be opened manually to stop the pipe threading process. Both die heads can be used to thread pipe and bolts, both thread in the right-hand direction, and both have the same threading capacities.


Seems like an easy choice, right? However, the 811 die head allows for a flexibility in threading that the 815 cannot accommodate. The 815 die head will always cut the same number of threads per pipe size before the pipe hits the trigger and stops the threading process. The 811 die head can thread further down the pipe should the need arise.



The 811 die head will also be more reliable in the long run since there are no extra mechanical pieces to break or malfunction. Price-wise, the 815 will be slightly more expensive than the 811 but not by much.


Steel Dragon Tools manufactures an 811A and 815A die head that will fit most industry standard pipe threading machines including Steel Dragon Tools and RIDGID® machines. Steel Dragon Tools 811A and 815A die heads are offered with an automatic oiling feature for use on pipe threading machines that have a pipe threading oil reservoir.


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