Steel Dragon Tools manufacturers a wide variety of tools and components used for pipe threading, roll grooving, core drilling, drain cleaning, wiring stripping applications. The Steel Dragon Tools product line also includes drain cameras, pipe chain vises, magnetic lifters, electric hoists, specialized hand tools, and more. All new products from Steel Dragon Tools meet or exceed industry ratings and are CE approved and government tested.


In addition to offering a line of professional-grade, economically-priced pipe threading machines, Steel Dragon Tools also refurbishes and reconditions RIDGID® brand pipe threading machines and RIDGID® accessories. All Steel Dragon Tools® Reconditioned RIDGID® tools are cleaned, repaired, and prepared for professional use. Each Reconditioned RIDGID® tool is disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled with new parts as needed to meet OEM specifications. All Reconditioned RIDGID® items come with a one-year warranty.


Many of the Steel Dragon Tools pipe threading machines, dies, die heads, stands, carts, and replacement parts will fit RIDGID® machines. Steel Dragon Tools pipe threading machines will also accept compatible RIDGID® die heads, dies, stands, and carts.


Utilizing a large network of factories, Steel Dragon Tools is able to tap into over two decades of machine production experience. Backed by years of manufacturing excellence and coupled with the latest technology, Steel Dragon Tools offers a wide variety of tools that will stack up against any name brand competitor when it comes to quality and beat them hands down when it comes to price.


Steel Dragon Tools distributes:

  • Pipe Threading Machines
  • Drain Cleaning Machines
  • Wire Stripping Machines
  • Core Drilling Rigs and Bits
  • Lifting, Rolling and Hanging Magnets
  • Pipe Inspection Camera’s
  • Magnetic Drills and Cutters
  • Pipe Threading Parts and Accessories
  • Pipe Wrenches
  • Metal Working Tools
  • Roll Grooving
  • Pipe Cutting and Drilling
  • Electric Wire Hoists


Steel Dragon Tools parts and accessories meet OEM specifications for most RIDGID® brand pipe threading and drain cleaning machines.


RIDGID® is a trademark of Ridgid, Inc or Ridge Tool Company and is used for product identification purposes only.