Steel Dragon Tools Beats the Competition When It Comes to Cost and Quality

Backed by over twenty years of manufacturing excellence and coupled with the latest technology, Steel Dragon Tools offers a wide variety of tools that will stack up against any name brand competitor when it comes to quality and beat them hands down when it comes to price.

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811 vs 815 Die Head Debate

 A die head (or two) is a requirement for most industry-standard pipe threading machines. Using a Steel Dragon Tools 300, 300C, 7090-PRO, 7090i, 7090e, or a RIDGID® 300, 300A, 500A, 535, 535A, 800, 801, 802, or 1822 pipe threading machine will require a die head. Pipe threading professionals can choose between the 811- or the […]

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Reconditioned RIDGID® 300

The Steel Dragon Tools Reconditioned RIDGID® 300 is a versatile power drive that can be used for pipe threading or roll grooving applications. Steel Dragon Tools is an industry leader in reconditioning and refurbishing used or broken pipe threading machines and pipe threading accessories. Each machine is disassembled, degreased, cleaned, painted, reassembled. New parts that […]

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Making Pipe Dies Last

Quality pipe threading dies should last a very long time if care is taken to keep them in good working order. Steel Dragon Tools manufacturers dies that are compatible with several brand-name die heads and pipe threading machines. Steel Dragon Tools dies are made from a composite alloy or high-speed steel and, under proper working […]

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