Posted on: August 22nd, 2017 in Al's Tech Talk

Making Pipe Dies Last

SDT-477-Alloy_01Quality pipe threading dies should last a very long time if care is taken to keep them in good working order. Steel Dragon Tools manufacturers dies that are compatible with several brand-name die heads and pipe threading machines. Steel Dragon Tools dies are made from a composite alloy or high-speed steel and, under proper working conditions, should last a very long time.


To get the most out of a set of Steel Dragon Tools dies, here are some important tips to keep in mind when threading pipe. The following tips should be applied to powered and manual pipe threading machines.


  • Always use a high-quality pipe threading oil. High-quality pipe threading oil will reduce the friction between the dies and the pipe. The oil will also absorb heat during the threading process. Excess heat during the threading process can damage the dies and the pipe. Excess heat can cause metal chips to become welded to the dies. Metal chips in the die teeth will affect the consistency and shape of the threads.


  • Keep the dies clean. Clean dies make for clean threads. After threading pipe, use a stiff-bristle wire brush to clean any debris that may be stuck in the die teeth.


  • Install the dies properly into the die head. Dies that are not properly installed can result in damage to both the die teeth and the pipe. Double check to make sure the dies are properly installed before threading pipe.



Following these steps will help ensure that the Steel Dragon Tools dies enjoy a long operating life and provide you with many perfectly threaded pipes.


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