Posted on: August 9th, 2017 in Al's Tech Talk

Tips and Tricks for the 535

One of the common complaints from users of the Steel Dragon Tools Reconditioned RIDGID® 535 is that the chuck or the pipe wobbles, resulting in unusable threads.


If the machine is not threading properly, check the dies first. A good set of dies should last a very long time. Unless the die teeth are chipped or otherwise damaged, the dies should work without issue. Next, check the installation. Dies will fit into the die head only one way but should be installed securely and in the proper order. If the dies are installed properly, check the rear centering chuck. The rear centering chuck simply keeps the pipe centered in the machine. Do not over tighten the rear chuck. Only hand tighten the rear chuck, do not use tools.


The front chuck does most of the work when threading pipe. The front chuck should only be hand tightened. Do not use tools to tighten the front chucks.


To tighten front and rear chuck, spin chuck forcefully in a counter clockwise motion. The chuck will tighten around the pipe. Do this several times to ensure a snug fit. The sound the that the chuck makes will change as it tightens. Once the sound changes, the chuck is tight. A tightened chuck will give off a short, dull sound as the chuck has already tightened around the pipe.


Other Tips to Remember:

The guide marks on the die head are not exact. Always run a simple threading test before threading the actual work piece. Use a properly-sized fitting to test the threads. A properly threaded pipe will allow the fitting to turn one and a half to two turns before meeting any resistance. If the fitting continues to turn easily or does not turn at all, the die head settings will need to be adjusted.


Threads should only be cut to the width of the die head. Cutting threads too far down the pipe may result in unusable threads. Some dies are designed to cut tapered threads. Cutting beyond the width of the die head will result in straight threads instead of the desired tapered threads.


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