Posted on: June 14th, 2017 in Customer Service

Reconditioning Pipe Threaders – The Process Part 1

The process starts when Steel Dragon Tools buys a used pipe threading machine. Steel Dragon Tools will buy a variety of models as well as the accessories. For more information on selling a used pipe threading machine, please click here.


Steel Dragon Tools actively seeks out used or broken machines for repair. Shop manager David Krell searches Craigslist, eBay, and other internet forums and classifieds to find these used machines. Steel Dragon Tools can arrange for shipping. After working out a deal with the seller, these machines are brought into the shop to be refurbished.

The used machines are brought into the shop and disassembled. All pieces are examined to determine condition. Parts in poor condition will be replaced to ensure safety and effective operation. All wear items, including motor field, brushes, and armatures, as well as gears, bearings, and power cord will be inspected and replaced as needed.



Steel Dragon Tools also offers repair service for many of the most popular pipe threading machines on the market. Along with repair shop, Steel Dragon Tools also manufactures a wide variety of industrial tools including a full line of pipe threading machines die heads, dies, and replacement parts that will fit many of the industry-standard machines. Steel Dragon Tools also manufactures cable wire hoists, core drill rigs, drain cleaning machines, lifting magnets, annular cutters, and pipe inspection cameras. To view a full list of Steel Dragon Tools products, please click here.


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