Posted on: October 18th, 2017 in Al's Tech Talk

Wire Strippers – WRA 10 vs WRA 15


Steel Dragon Tools offers several different models of wire strippers. The two entry level options are the WRA10 and the WRA15. Both models can be operated manually with a hand crank or automatically with a drill. The WRA10 and WRA15 are an ideal entry point for anyone looking to strip wire and increase recycling payouts on scrap metal.


The WRA10 is small, at 6-inches in height it is almost pocket size. But behind the diminutive size is an easy to operate machine that will quickly and cleanly strip up to 450 inches of wire per minute when connected to a drill. The WRA10 will strip wire up to roughly 1/2-inch in diameter.


The WRA15 is the more traditional benchtop model. It boasts a larger size and wire-stripping capability. Standing at 12-1/2-inches in height it will also strip up to 450 inches of wire per minute when connected to a drill. The WRA15 will strip wire up to roughly 1-inch in diameter.


Set Up is Key


Set up is the most important step to successfully strip wire. Following these tips will help make the wire stripping process quick and easy. These tips apply to both the WRA10 and WRA15.


  • Secure the wire stripper to the benchtop. Screwing or bolting the wire stripper to the bench will stop it from moving during the stripping process, freeing the hands to feed the wire and operate the drill at the same time.
  • Separate wire by size, set machine to strip that size, and then strip all of that wire at once. Getting the wire stripper keyed in to quickly strip the wire requires careful set up. Strip one size at a time before moving on to avoid wasting time readjusting between each piece.
  • Do not run the drill at full speed. A common mistake is to run the drill as fast as possible. Typically, this will result in a wire that isn’t completely stripped as well as reducing the life of the cutting wheel.
  • Run the drill slowly and at an even pace. The same applies when using the hand crank.
  • Run the wire through twice. The WRA10 and WRA15 only have one cutting wheel. Run the wire through once and then rotate it 180 degrees before running it through again. Two cuts in the casing will make stripping the wire much easier.
  • Straighten the wire and cut it into manageable pieces between 12-inches and 24-inches in length. A straight piece of wire has little chance of bunching up and clogging the machine. A short piece of wire will run through the machine quickly, especially if the operator wants to run it through twice.
  • Running long pieces of wire can pose a safety hazard. This warning applies to the larger machines but the principle is still the same. When running long pieces of wire can be dangerous as the wire may become wrapped around the operator or other nearby objects. The operator or these objects can then be pulled toward the wire stripper if enough force is being generated.


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