Posted on: November 1st, 2017 in Customer Service

Steel Dragon Tools Repair Service

Steel Dragon Tools is now offering repair services for used or broken pipe threading machines. Steel Dragon Tools will inspect, repair, and refurbish pipe threading machines manufactured by RIDGID®, Wheeler-REX®, Steel Dragon Tools®, ROTHENBERGER®, and Collins.RD-RF-300-RD-CR

Steel Dragon Tools has over ten years of experience refurbishing pipe threading machines and is now offering repair service on a wide range of equipment. Steel Dragon Tools technicians will troubleshoot, repair, and replace parts as needed to make used or broken pipe threading machines run like new. Steel Dragon Tools technicians use genuine OEM parts along with aftermarket parts to bring the tools back to OEM specifications.

Repair Service by Steel Dragon Tools

1. Contact Steel Dragon Tools

Start the process by contacting Steel Dragon Tools. Customers will be asked to fill out this form detailing any issues with the machine. Download the PDF, fill it out, and e-mail it to Customer Service at Include the make and model of the machine and any that may help the Steel Dragon Tools technicians diagnose the problem. Steel Dragon Tools will reply with an estimated repair cost. Customers are also welcome to call   Steel Dragon Tools at 734-224-7112.

2. Shipping

Steel Dragon Tools can arrange for shipping. Shipping charges will be added to the final bill. Customers may also arrange to ship at their own expense.

Please have all paperwork submitted prior to the machine’s arrival at the Steel Dragon Tools facility. Customers will be responsible for the inbound and outbound shipping charges as well as the inspection fee.  The Steel Dragon Tools repair rate is $80 per hour plus the cost of parts.

3. Initial Inspection and Cleaning

Machine inspection rate is $100 for the first hour, $80 an hour if the inspection/repair.  Steel Dragon Tools will contact the customer with an estimate for the repairs.  Example of inspection checklist:

  • Power Cord
  • Switches to include Foot Pedal
  • Motor and Gear Box
  • BearingsRD-RF-41935_01
  • Driveshaft
  • Front and Rear Chucks
  • Support Arm Alignment

If the estimated cost of the repair exceeds the value of the machine, Steel Dragon Tools will offer to purchase the machine.  The inspection cost will be deducted from the agreed purchase price.  The inbound freight charges will be removed from the balance if Steel Dragon Tools arranged the shipping.  The remaining credited balance can be used to purchase a refurbished pipe threading machine or a check will be mailed out.

Steel Dragon Tools offers a 30-day warranty on all parts.

Contact us at 734-224-7112 or e-mail here.

RIDGID® is a trademark of RIDGID, Inc and is used only for product identification purposes.

Wheeler-Rex Inc.® is a trademark of Wheeler Manufacturing, a division of Rex International, and is used for product identification purposes only.

ROTHENBERGER® is a trademark of Rothenberger and is used only for product identification purposes.

Steel Dragon Tools® products are backed by a one (1) year warranty against manufacturer defect.