Posted on: March 1st, 2017 in Al's Tech Talk

Pipe Abbreviations

As with any profession, there can be lots of arcane abbreviations and jargon – pipe threading is no different. Steel Dragon Tools is committed to educating customers and helping them make informed decisions. Buying a new pipe threader from Steel Dragon Tools may have been the easy part, but trying to figure pipe nomenclature can be downright confusing. For anyone new to the industry, or for veterans looking for a quick refresher, here is how to make sense of pipe nomenclature.


American National Standard Pipe Thread standards are always represented as a string of numbers and letters. Pipe nomenclature will look like this: 3/4 – 14 NPTG. All numbers and letters stand for something and are important to understand the pipe size, the threads per inch, and how the pipe will be used. The first number (3/4) refers to the pipe’s nominal size or outside diameter. The second number (14) will give the threads per inch. The string of letters will describe the threading standard (N stands for National), the type of material being threaded (P stands for Pipe), the thread type (T stands for tapered), and the pipe’s intended use (G stands for gas). All pipe nomenclature must have four letters. Without the fourth letter the use of the pipe and the proper threading procedure cannot be determined.



A – Aeronautical


C – Coupling


F – Fuel


G – Gas


H – Hose


I – Intermediate


L – Loose


N – National


P – Pipe


R – Railing


S – Straight


T – Tapered



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