Reconditioned RIDGID® 1206 Tripod Pipe Stand 42360

  • SKU: RD-RF-1206
  • UPC: 819891025555
  • Dimensions: 6" x 36" x 16"
  • Weight: 30 lbs
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The  Steel Dragon Tools® (Reconditioned) RIDGID® 1206 stand has been cleaned, repaired, and prepared for professional use. Each Steel Dragon Tools® (Reconditioned) RIDGID® 1206 is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, painted, reassembled and tested.


This stand will fit RIDGID® Power Drive 300 Pipe Threading Machines and Steel Dragon Tools® 300 Pipe Threading Machines. This stand will come with one of two different top plates, depending on what is currently in stock. Package includes a Steel Dragon Tools® (Reconditioned) RIDGID® 1206 top plate and Steel Dragon Tools® legs and tool tray.



  • Steel Dragon Tools® (Reconditioned) RIDGID® 1206 pipe threading machine stand
  • Includes Steel Dragon Tools® (Reconditioned) RIDGID® 1206 top plate.
  • Includes new Steel Dragon Tools® legs and tool tray.
  • For use with RIDGID® 300 Pipe Threading Machines.
  • For use with Steel Dragon Tools® 300 Pipe Threading Machine.




Steel Dragon Tools® offers a wide variety of professional-grade tools and high-quality replacement parts. Backed by years of manufacturing excellence and coupled with the latest technology, Steel Dragon Tools products provide incredible craftsmanship at an unbeatable value.

We are not an authorized distributor of RIDGID® and/or Ridge products. RIDGID® Marks are trademarks of RIDGID, Inc and are used for product identification purposes only.

Tools repaired and reconditioned by Steel Dragon Tools voids original warranties and certifications from Ridge Tool.