Posted on: May 19th, 2017 in Customer Service

The Art of Active Listening


By Samantha Benson, Customer Service Manager at Steel Dragon Tools


Active Listening

The customer service representative at Steel Dragon Tools have all been trained to be active listeners. Active listening is a way of communicating with another person to improve mutual understanding. Sometimes, when two people are talking to each other, one or both may not be actively listening, they may be distracted or simply waiting for the other person to finish so they can speak.


Below are some active listening techniques that we use to help our customer service representative become better communicators. These techniques work well in the realm of customer service but can be applied in any situation to help us understand each other better and improve our daily relationships.


Active Listening in Every Situation



  • Paraphrase the speaker’s words.
  • Be mentally prepared to listen.
  • Evaluate the speech, not the speaker.
  • Be unbiased toward the speaker by depersonalizing and stepping away from emotional response.
  • Fight distractions by tuning out external sounds.
  • Ask questions to clarify and corroborate thoughts.



  • Show boredom.
  • Get distracted by outside stimuli.
  • Prepare your response or mentally argue while the speaker is talking.
  • Interrupt the speaker.
  • Reflex on the rightness or wrongness of what is being said.


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