Posted on: November 16th, 2016 in New Tools

710DN Pipe Inspection Camera

Being able to see into tight and dark spaces, like drains, sewers, ducts, and tanks, can make diagnosing and fixing a problem much easier and cost effective. The SteeSDT-710DN_01l Dragon Tools 710DN inspection camera can do just that and more. Equipped with a 130-foot cable, high-resolution camera, and a 7-inch LCD color monitor, the 710DN can be used for a variety of inspection purposes thanks to some special features.


Most inspection cameras can venture into a dark and damp pipe. The 710DN has a waterproof camera head enclosed in stainless steel. Sending the 710DN into a water suSDT-710DN_02pply pipe or down into a well will not be an issue.


The 710DN also features a motion detection mode. Once motion is detected, the camera will automatically start recording. This feature would come in handy for exterminators looking
for pests or plumbers trying to find the source of a leak.


The 710DN has a DVR with 8GB SD card for recording inspection and playback. The camera has a 120-degree viewing angle and the lens is protected by scratch-proof Sapphire Glass. The camera head also features 12 adjustable LED lights to light up the darkest pipes. The LEDs are dimmable, allowing the operator to adjust the light level to obtain the clearest possible picture. The camera head is waterproof and enclosed in a stainless-steel housing.


To purchase the Steel Dragon Tools 710DN visit Craig’s Affordable Tools or Toolz Unlimited.


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