880 LB Electric Wire Hoist

  • SKU: SDT-EWH0880
  • UPC: 817482026080
  • Dimensions: 6" x 18" x 10"
  • Weight: 37 lbs
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This electric hoist features a durable braided, anti-twist, high carbon steel cable, roughly 40 ft & 1/8″ in diameter. SDT-EWH0880 electric hoist lifts up to 440 lbs with a single line, or 880 lbs with a double line lift. It lifts at a rate up to 40 FPM using single line, or 20 FPM using double line. With a 5 1/2′ corded remote, you can power your load up and down from a safe distance, making it the perfect electric hoist for any shop or automotive garage and loading heavy equipment or removing small engines.

  • Single line lift: 440 pounds, speed of 33 ft per minute, 40 ft height
  • Double line lift: 880 pounds, speed of 16.5 ft per minute, 20 ft height
  • Durable braided anti twist high carbon steel line cable roughly 40 ft & 1/8″ in diameter
  • Heavy duty weighted lift hook
  • Sheaved pulley lift hook for dual line operation
  • Mounting hanging clamp brackets included
  • 4′ tethered remote control powers up and powers down & has emergency stop switch
  • Easily operate the hoist while remaining a safe distance away stopping or starting the lift or descent
  • Built-in safety braking mechanism that will continue to hold a load even if power is lost
  • Easily lift small engines, transmissions, large shop tools, or building supplies
  • Fully automatic hoist – requires no hand cranking
  • Housing material, motor and gear cast iron and aluminum
  • Motor, 120V, 60 Hz 750W


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